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DHS got back to us fairly quickly with appointments to get our fingerprints done.  They are in relatively early February, but we’ve heard that in some places you can show up days or even weeks earlier.  This could potentially speed up our process.  Why is that important?  If we adopt in 2011, we will get a tax refund, not a tax credit.  That is a big bunch of cash we can use to save for Eli’s surgery (since he isn’t currently insured) or replenish our savings after using the last few IRS checks for Eli’s adoption and then to stay afloat financially during the transition.  It is a practical concern as we think about the long range plan.

Rumor has it that there has been an outcry against the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s change of policy regarding baby curriers.  There are internet rumors that they will revert to the older policy allowing you to hire someone to transport the child to the States.  Since we already have 2 kids, it puts a strain on the family for a parent to be gone for a few weeks.  It makes it harder for the kids to adjust when Mom (or Dad) gets back.  Not an impossible thing, and many families have done it.  But something else for us to think about and plan for.


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Wonders never cease, but some things never change.  One thing that doesn’t change is Amie is not really a blogger.  I really didn’t want to run this thing since I barely have time to keep my own blog afloat.  But, being the martyr I am I’m plugging away at both.

Since we mailed off the I-600A form (which meant we somehow had enough money to pay for everything related to it- like 3 sets of fingerprints), not much has happened.  We did receive electronic notification that our form reached the necessary office in TX.  Then we received a written notification, which includes our case number.  Our paperwork is probably now in Phoenix, shuffled from one office to another.  It is always good to waste time and money like that.  But it gives us more time to put together the next heap o’ money which promises to be much bigger than any previous heap o’ money thus far (in this adoption).  The ante keeps getting higher!

In honor of the paperwork shuffle, here’s some J. Geils Band with the Southside Shuffle.

We did hear from our adoption agency about some changes that took place.  In the blog post Amie never put together on why the Democratic Republic of the Congo, she would have mentioned that currently you did not have to travel to the Congo.  You could pay for a baby escort.  Escort no more, baby.  The word we received is that now at least one of us has to travel to the DRotC.  So far 2 of Amie’s friends have volunteered to go with her and bring back our newest child(ren).  One of our deacons has a plane and loves to fly it.  We pondered taking the scenic route up through Greenland, England, France and into Africa.  Since he doesn’t own a jet, this could take awhile.  And Amie claims I’d have to film every second of the journey- even when I drug the child(ren) so they sleep on the never-ending plane ride.  It would sort of be like the original Indiana Jones movie.

We have time to figure all of this out.  If you want to add to the heap o’ money, then see the How You Can Help page.


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Now that the holidays are done, we sent off the I-600A.  Thankfully we had enough money to cover all of the fees (over $1,000).  This is a major step in the process.  We are asking the Dept. of Immigration (or some such gov’t agency) to allow us to adopt an orphan from another country.

For some reason one on-line form did not like the MacBook.  I installed the latest version of Acrobat, and still no dice.  So I had to do it from the office.  I decided I might as well fill out the form on the computer since my handwriting is less than coherent.  We printed it, signed it and sent it out.  They will send us electronic notification of approval/denial.

In a strange twist to prove how inefficient governments are, all of the forms are sent to a centralized location and then to one of 3 offices around the country.  One is in Phoenix.  Yeah, instead of just sending it 90 miles away, we have to send it cross country so they can send it back across the country.  If you are a bureaucrat, sorry, but some of you guys need to go to business school- ASAP!

Now, you guessed it, we wait.

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