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First the good news.  Today our coffee store is having a sale.  If you buy 3 bags of coffee, you’ll get a free one that Jason chooses.  Some of the proceeds go to us.  Since we could use a ton of $ right away, send all your friends.  If a few thousand of you buy coffee…..

We are now back from vacation.  My frustration is growing.  With a particular gov’tal agency.  Still nothing from our accountant abour refiling our taxes.  We’ve been asked to consider another, different sibling group.  We’d do, but don’t have the liquidity to take in these kids needing a new forever family- but we can’t get what the gov’t says it will give us.  I’m glad God is not like the gov’t.  All His promises are “YES!” in Christ Jesus.  He won’t default.  But we do have to wait on some of them, but the promised & given Spirit helps us to wait.

I’m glad I’ll be teaching on the doctrine of adoption in Sunday School this Fall.  I need some reminders of this lavish love.

So, keep praying all you all for us to be patient, and to be diligent in the adoption loan process.  Especially difficult with a Mission trip to Mexico coming up.  No one said this would be easy, and we are in the pangs of child birth, so to speak.


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Hard Realities

Thanks to all of you who prayed.  While we were open to adopting those 2 girls, we had to face some hard, not harsh, realities.

The program fees were due upon referral.  We don’t have that money right now.  With the delay in our tax refund we don’t have the money.  We need to get an adoption loan, but we can’t get one while on vacation.  We need access to our financial records.

Rather than hold up the process, we notified our case worker that now was not the time.  In the meantime, once we get back we’ll apply for an adoption loan and prepare for our ‘turn’.  Hopefully all the financial stuff will fall together quickly.

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Well, we are in the midst of a big decision.  We have the option of adopting 2 sisters, ages 6 & 3.  The older girl is a little beyond our expressed age range.  But you just never know.

We have a few days to sort this out.  One of the concerns for us is the need for an adoption loan.  We did not secure one before leaving for vacation.  The program fee is due at referral.  So, with our financials on the other side of the country there is not much we can do for more than a week.  This reality may have to be factored into our decision.  The fact that the IRS is moving slower than a glacier doesn’t help.

This will not affect our position in the queue should we decide not to adopt these 2 girls.  So we pretty much need wisdom.

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We are reveling in the cooler temps of the Adirondack Mountains.  It is more humid than life in the desert, and there is no A/C up here, but we are soaking up the joy.

The adoption agency is giving referrals as the documents are translated.  We are currently 3rd in line, keeping in mind the preferences laid out in the homestudy and given to the U.S. Government.  Though, we all the fighting going on in the nation’s capitol, we might be able to sneak in 6 kids.  Not that we could afford to do that.  I wonder how we’ll afford the child or 2 we expect to adopt.  Our tax refund is caught up in tons of red tape.  So we’ll have to look into adoption loans.  Not the end of the universe.

One thing that has happened is that we found a sale on Southwestern air fare for a trip around Christmas.  I’m thinking this greatly increases the odds that one of us travels to the DRC right around Christmas.

This morning I was poking around the website for our denomination’s magazine.  I’m not sure if I’ve read this article before, but living in central Florida I had heard of the culture of adoption developed by Ray Cortese and Seven Rivers Presbyterian Church in Lecanto.  Here is the story if you are interested.

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"I think it's coming"

Seems like it has been forever since I’ve updated this blog.  We’ve been busy with other things including our IRS return.

Yes, the IRS apparently isn’t sure what to do with the Adoption Tax Refund in terms of documentation.  When we initially filed for Eli’s adoption as a tax credit, we provided proof of the adoption and a total of the receipts.  Our accountant has run into issues with other clients.  He is not filing ours until he knows exactly what they need so we won’t lose unnecessary time with correspondence going back and forth (where it will sit in an IRS office for 5 weeks before being opened).  Before we left on vacation I scanned ALL of our receipts from the adoption and e-mailed them to the accountant.  Yes, that was exciting.  Part of me wants this to be simple.  Part of my does not want my labor wasted.

In light of the delayed return, we will have to investigate an adoption loan.  They are often at 0% interest since they are just rolled over into other loans instead of for profit.

Last time we were adopting, alot happened while we were on vacation.  We will see what happens this time.  The process was mired in translation.  The translator had a higher priority to get documents done for an upcoming trip to the Congo.  With the increase in adoptions, they are hoping to hire at least one additional translator.  The trip must be complete because 2 families have received referrals.  One was a 12 month-old, and other was a set of twins.

This means  we are now #4 on the list.  So, depending on how fast the translator works, we may be in business before the end of vacation.  Stay tuned!

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