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A New Way to Help

We have expanded our fundraising efforts.  Or should I say our congregation has.  Based on our experience with fundraising for a missions trip, we are using Razoo to make it easier and quicker to give to the Adoption and Orphan Care Fund.  You can give as little as $10 at a time (in the paraphrased words of Chicago politicians- give early and give often!) or what you believe you can by God’s grace.


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In a letter discussing his new Bible Study on Ruth, Paul Miller talks about “love with no exit strategy.”  That phrase is striking.  God has no exit strategy in His love for those He adopts in Christ.  He perseveres through all our rebellion, fear, lack of trust, manipulation and tantrums.  He’s in it for the long haul.

Adoption has to be like that too.  You can’t have an exit strategy, but willing to do whatever is necessary before and after the child comes home.  Just like when the child is coming from your (or your wife’s) womb.  You’re committed even though there will days when you want to be committed (to an institution).  You’ll love your kids and you’ll hate them at moments.

Amie sent me a link to someone else’s blog about their adoptions.  This summer they adopted a boy and a girl from Ethiopia.  Their newly adopted kids are older than our newest little guy will be.  We might face similar struggles with our newest little girl.  Here’s a glimpse:

Remy gave us about 12 hours of honeymooning until her terror burst onto the scene. Sometimes her fear is so palpable, it literally takes my breath away. New places: terror. New faces: total insecurity. Transitions: help us, Jesus. She has asked us every single day since July 22nd if she is going back to Ethiopia. Every. Single. Day.


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Some people have asked us what the next step is.  That next step is a tribunal.  What happens at the tribunal?  Our letter requesting the adoption of the 2 kids will be translated and sent to the court in the DRC.  They will read that and our home study (I think) and rule “yes” or “no” regarding the adoption.

This process should take 1-2 months.  We sent in our paperwork about 2 weeks ago.  So in the next 6 weeks we should hear back.  We don’t anticipate any problems with the tribunal.

We are also awaiting news about a grant we applied for last week.  We will wait a little longer on that one.  We should not hear back until my birthday in November.

Our amended 20o9 tax return was mailed in Friday.  We are supposed to wait 2 weeks and then mail in our 2010 return.  So, we have made tremendous progress in this area as well.

Stuff has been happening, so continue to pray.

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