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Something actually happened early.  Promised on or before November 15th, our refund has already arrived.  Yes, about 4 weeks early. We found out when Amie contacted the bank about something else. The EFT was scheduled at that point, and thankfully we got the full amount of our anticipated refund. As a result we are able to pay back the money we borrowed to pay for the referral back in August.

Amie keeps an eye on how others are progressing with their refunds.  We are fortunate. Many people are still experiencing problems often they have had the credit available for a longer period of time.  So we were not sure it would happen so fast and without requests for additional information or an audit.  So we are very thankful.

Unfortunately we are still waiting to hear back from the Congo about our referral.  It has taken longer than expected.  The longer this takes, the less likely that all will be wrapped up this year.  If we don’t hear very soon, we’ll be looking at 2012 for certain.

I was asked how much we expected the spend to get to the end of this road.  I’m not sure, but probably $7,000 when you figure in travel expenses and re-adoption expenses (aka lawyer fees).

We did get some new pictures of the kids. Micah’s hair is growing back nicely after it was cut short to keep lice in check (we’re guessing).  She still has a “what you talking about Willis?!” look on her face.  She’s still not happy about it, and I don’t blame her. Bo-Ben-Phinn (Asher has pretty much been eliminated as an option due to how mean children can corrupt the name) is standing up and crying.  He looks so amazingly cute, though I’m sure the crying isn’t very cute sounding.

You might be saying, “why no pics for us?”.  We decided not to put any up until the referral is approved.  So, stay tuned.


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Feeling like the pocket is crumbling.

Life has been crazy lately.  You might say we’ve been overwhelmed with certain aspects of the adoption process.

This time things have been different.  Our circumstances have changed, and the the nation is in an economic slump that has hit many people close to us.  Many of the people who assisted us with the first adoption are not able to assist us.  This adoption is also more expensive. People have bought coffee from our store, but no one has taken advantage of the ability to give online.  But we trust God to provide in ways we don’t quite expect.

As a result, we have been apply for lots of grants and loans to make this happen.  This while we continue to await our tax refund. In the midst of the paperwork I developed an infection on my left (writing) hand which limited my ability to help Amie since I was soaking my hand when I was home.  So you could pray about those.


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One of the agencies that helps people adopt- not an adoption agency- recommends The Connected Child: For Parents Who Have Welcomed Children.  We hadn’t read it, so we figured we would.  Amie got it from the library and has been reading it.  I took it with me on my recent trip to Baltimore and read much of it on the plane rides.  It is an easy, and quick read.

The Good

The book was helpful in plenty of ways.  I wish we had heard about it before we adopted our son.  This book is specifically for those who have adopted children.  They can often be subject to abuse or neglect prior to entering your home.  This can lead to some issues they have.  At times they are not being disobedient, but full of fear.  Some behavioral issues may have to do with learning disabilities that may not be apparent.

So, it helped me see areas where my son may be struggling.  The key word is may.

She provides some helpful techniques for addressing the most common concerns.  These are easy things that seem obvious, but often aren’t in the midst of parenting. So there are things here that are not found in the average book on parenting.  It is an important read.


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