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This post is about a week overdue.

We talked (okay, Amie did) with the agency about the remaining steps in our adoption. They are:

  1. Get the children’s passports.
  2. Receive an invitation to go to the DRC in order to get a visa.
  3. Receive our consulate appointment.
  4. Set up our travel plans.

Sounds simple, right? Easy, right? Do we do anything easy? No way, Jose!

  1. There has been a delay in the passports recently. It has taken a few weeks to get them released. The agency head in the DRC has to handle all that, and she has a billion things to do.
  2. The consulate employee who handles the appointments is leaving in May. If we don’t get that far before they leave there will be the training period for the new employee. This is what we experienced with the judge.

O Fudge!

All is not lost 🙂 . We heard today that there are a bunch of passports expected this week. Hopefully our kids’ will be in the treasure hoard.


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We have been waiting for a response to our submission of the I-600 request. It was received at USCIS about 2 weeks ago. One of the glories of bureaucracy is that it did not get to our officer’s desk until last week. She said she would get to it late last week or early this week.

Apparently she did, because today we received that coveted piece of paper in the mail- the Provisional Approval.

Provisional: providing  or serving for the time being only; existing only until permanently or properly replaced; temporary

It becomes permanent at the time of the adoption. We now have permission from the U.S. Government to bring these 2 children home. There are still a few things that have to happen before this can take place. We need an invitation to come to the DRC and an appointment with the U.S. Consulate in the DRC.

He is a very, very bad man!

One disadvantage of being in Arizona and having an agency in Georgia is that the office was closed when we got the letter today. But we are far more sincere than Jerry when he told Babu Bhatt that “the wheels are in motion.” Babu would be flown in from Pakistan at Jerry’s trial to testify, with finger wagging, that Jerry was “a very, very bad man.” The wheels really are in motion and our intention is to bring these 2 children to their new home and family here in Arizona.

We had a family that traveled recently bring a picture book to Micah. It has pictures of all of us and our home. We wanted to prepare Micah (and Asher) for their new home. We wanted them to have hope. The pictures we saw of her opening it were the first ones of her we had seen where she was smiling. We recently saw other pictures of her carrying the book. It has become something near and dear to her, apparently. It brings us great joy to see her filled with joy at the prospect of a new life with new opportunities. She will have parents who love her, AND can provide for her. Her mother and grandmother loved them, but were unable to provide from them. Our home is probably unlike any she has ever seen. I’m sure it communicates that she will be cared for. They will have no (foreseeable) lack for food, clothes and love. They will also have a church family that will love and support them- offering an even greater hope in Christ. And, if they miss the chaos of tons of kids in the orphanage, there is always the Farm with time in the company of up to 10 uncles and aunts as 14 cousins.

Oh, did I mention they’d finally have a dad?

I think Amie’s excited.

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