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I can’t believe that it has been since Christmas that I’ve blogged. Here, I mean. I am the blogging slacker.

The last few months have been very busy with kid stuff, church stuff and who knows what kind of stuff.

There was the lost month, when all of us except Micah got the flu. Thankfully it was not a stomach virus, but I came down with the fever and body aches first. Then I coughed for 3 weeks. It was so violent that I strained my shoulder. The others had the actual flu longer than I did. We still aren’t sure how Micah escaped.

We, okay, I introduced them to XBox Kinnect. This was actually the day before I got the flu. It was a gift from one of Amie’s friends in NJ. I, being the competitive member of the family, try to get the best score. Jadon, also being competitive often refuses to play because she doesn’t do well. Her reaction time is still too slow. Micah and Eli stopped trying to compete but love to see the avatar dance or crash into things. Ah….. child rearing….

We had some slight 6  month regression with Asher. He cries a lot these days. You know, when he has to go to the bathroom. When it is nap time. When he’s served a tortilla. When we give him a motivational pat on the behind. Amie is trying to get one of his tantrums on film, but you inevitably miss the part when he throws himself down on the ground. That is the funniest part.

Maybe he’s crying because he hasn’t gotten a Green Card. We need to get them a Certificate of Citizenship as a result. It has been a painful, drawn out process. So has getting our revised return for 2011. 11 weeks and counting. Or perhaps he’s crying because we still haven’t expanded the porch and landscaped the back yard. Makes me want to cry as we’ve had problems with contractors getting back to us. But I think we’ve got all that finally worked out.

Micah sometimes cries at the store. You know, when she doesn’t get the 15 things she thinks she should. It is like someone told her that she would get everything she wanted when she got to America. Maybe it is just the devil- but not in this family. A friend and her mom worked on Micah’s hair so she had extensions for a few weeks. Looked great, but they started to come out so we removed them. We are still trying to figure out “chocolate hair”. But I had an interesting discussion with her about DNA tonight as a result.

Eli is making great progress with his speech and reading. The surgery really helped. And for that I’m thankful. Now, if I can just get him to slow down like he’s reading…. people would understand.

Jadon has been working on her trick riding. It’s awesome, actually. Never figured she would want to ride her bike while standing on the cross bar or anything. Amazingly she hasn’t crashed and hurt herself, though she claims her new bike, Magnolia, throws her more often than Misty does. Like she’s a horse or something.

Life resumed a busy pace after we all recovered from the flu and stopped coughing. It is almost a blur to me sometimes. But this I know, they are eating us out of house and home. All of them eat well, heartily. Unless they are sick. Yet all but Ash are wispy thin.

Jadon was lonely. Eli and Micah play together a lot, and she’s feeling “too old” for the games they want to play. So she actually started praying that God would provide friends in the neighborhood. Suddenly, one of the other girls in the neighborhood, who is a bit older but also home schooled, started knocking on the door to see if Jadon could come out and play. I’d glad she prayed, and learned the Father listens.

We went on a field trip to the Sonoran Desert Museum. More like a zoo than a museum. I took all for of them, and we hung out with “Game Day” Stephanie and her mom. I brought the stroller for Ash, and pushed him along the rocky desert path. This, it would seem, was a nearly fatal mistake. My back has not yet recovered. My muscles were weak from the flu and not getting to the guy at all with the strained shoulder. I paid the price!

We also had our friends Morgan and Jennifer Lusk spend a few days with us while on their vacation. We all went to the Saguaro National Forest, which is always beautiful. Jadon thought it would be boring because she’s been there. But we pulled off into a parking area, climbed up to a cave and then took a walk down a wash to see rock formations and blood trails. She and Micah picked the pretty flowers off desert weeds. And she had a blast.

We did celebrate Micah’s first birthday as a member of our family. I think she had fun, though getting her to pick meals was like pulling teeth. Speaking of which- they have both had their first dentist visits since moving here. Both have healthy teeth, which is a big praise. Other adoptive parents have had to spend lots of money having teeth pulled and repaired.

In the last few weeks, Micah’s training wheels broke. So, providentially it was time for her to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels. That convinced Eli to try as well. One day and they were zipping up and down the street. It was awesome!

They have also been introduced to Star Wars, episodes 4 and 5. Eli & Asher can’t wait for Episode 6. The girls? Too scary.

I think I’ve hit the high notes… Hopefully it won’t be 3 months before I update this thing.

Me? I wen to the Celtics-Suns game in Phoenix with a friend. That was a blast as the Celtics blew them out. I also went to Opening Day for the Diamondbacks for the 3rd year in a row. They’ve won all three! It started too late this time, and I went without the kids. I’ve also survived painting two rooms and hanging any number of pictures on the wall. Amie is too busy to have fun 🙂


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