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I don’t know where to begin. It all feels like a Kafka novel, where nothing makes sense.

When last I blogged, the latest 30 days for the IRS were nearly up. It got more fun.

I called, the usual hour wait was fallowed by a disconnect (this will matter later, I think). Finally, I got in touch with them again. I was advised by our CPA to say the magic words “Taxpayer Advocate” if they weren’t done. I got a bit of a run around. Apparently they goofed when last we spoke, The original 12 weeks expired a day or 2 after we got our 30 day referral. The system, for lack of a better term, didn’t notice the new referral and it had not been processed. I’m not sure why you need a referral for them to actually process a return they have had for 4 months.

I spoke the magic words, but was told it was too late. They had already entered a new referral, and we had to wait 30 days for them to contact the Taxpayer Advocacy Service. I could contact them on my own, but they were swamped. Indeed they were. I was told that unless we were on the brink of financial disaster they could not help us. Talk about getting the shaft from a government agency.

The next day we went to the Passport Office to apply for Micah and Asher’s passports. The applications included her Green Card, their DRC passports as well as our passports.

Then it all got interesting.



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First, we want to give a big, long overdue, thanks to everyone who helped with the adoption. This includes everyone from Cornerstone Community Church and others who helped with Eli’s adoption. Thanks to the Adoption Tax Credit, it was turned into a refund for our 2010 taxes. We used our adoption refund for our referral fee. THAT means you helped us adopt 3 kids! Yes, consider it a 3 for 1 deal! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thanks to the people of Desert Springs for the ways in which you helped us through the adoption process and the adjustment post-adoption. Thank you to all the people who bought coffee from our store. For people who sold cookies and jewelry. Thank you for all the people we know who prayed- people in FL, NY, NJ, AZ, people we know from church, seminary, BSF and the internet.

A good friend recently said, “I just realized we didn’t help you.” They meant financially. But they helped us in so many ways over the last 6-8 years that mean more to us than money. We are so thankful.

Parenting them all has seemed like a thankless job recently. Ordinary parenting stuff, like why do you have to repeat things 5 times, or yell to get their attention. It wears you out. Today was one of those days. Ash has been working on his Congolese death glare. Some of the kids we know who were adopted from China have the Chinese death glare. They are quite similar. He spent about 30 minutes the other day trying to stare Amie down because he didn’t want to obey her. He has started to cry when he has to go up for his nap a whole 15-20 minutes before the other kids. For a few days we took pictures of him crying for odd reasons, like this blog. But, he’s not the only one, as you can see.

Perhaps we should get him to glare at the government. First, the frustrations continue from the DHS employee’s goof when Asher entered the country. We can’t get a Green Card now that we have re-adopted him. This means the Senator’s office told us to go to a passport office to avoid the inevitable confusion when they discover that she has a green card and he doesn’t. But, for some reason, this is seen now as expediting the process and they wanted proof we were traveling. Really? Are we to blame this on the Sequestration? It is just annoying. And both of us have to show up, not just one of us. So they are going to get all 6 of us. I may even ask the kids to act up some so they actually want to hurry us on our way. “Asher, glare! Eli, play under the chairs! Micah, chase him! Jadon, time to start crying for no earthly reason!” It will be like a symphony, I tell you.

Then there is our revised 2011 tax return. Because the DRC is a “non-Hague” country, as far as the IRS is concerned, the adoption was finalized in 2010, when we received our Acte of Adoption..  So, they are supposed to be on our 2011 taxes, including the Adoption Tax Credit. So it was refiled. After 8 weeks we were asked to call. We spent 2 hours on the phone, and about 1:50 of it in the queue. We were transferred 3 times, including once by the department that is supposed to be handling our return.

A recent U.S.A. Today article noted that about 1.03% of returns are audited. If you have any Adoption Tax Credits in there, the audit 69% of the time. So, we were told it had been sent to “examinations” and if we had not heard back in 4 more weeks, to call. They received and processes our 2012 in 1 week, in April! But we are now close to 12 weeks, or 3 months, of them goofing around with this one. So, if we call back we are saying the magic words- “tax advocate”. That should speed this amazingly slow process up. Glaciers have melted faster.

That’s pretty much life these days……..


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