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God’s Mercy

Sometimes we don’t realize the depths of God’s mercy and kindness.

Tonight I’m a little more aware.

This afternoon I was in my office trying to read (and listen to U2) while Amie and the kids were downstairs. This morning the girls begged to leave their Barbie stuff on our new, expanded porch (evidence of God’s kindness to us). So all 4 kids were playing out there.

While they were out there, Jadon noticed we had a visitor.

That visitor was among the Barbie stuff she was about to reach for. That visitor was a rattlesnake!

She screeched and left the porch screaming “snake” and ran upstairs to get me.

Amie, not yet realizing where the snake was, got the kids off the porch.

The snake was 3-4 feet from the porch door. They had walked right past it when they went out to play, and right past it when they came in.

When I came downstairs, the snake was curled up and chilling out as you see in the picture.  For the life of me, I don’t know how this happened.

Not the how it got there part, but why it was just laying low.

Now, I have never been this up close and personal with a rattlesnake before. Oh, there was a tiny one by the church one day. This one required a little more distance.

After taking the picture from the safety of the kitchen, I opened the door. There was a broom up against the wall, so I decided to play shuffleboard with the rattler. Shuffled it right off the porch. Shuffled it again in the dirt.

Now it was unhappy, coiled and ready to strike. Amie and the kids were freaking out. It wasn’t getting the hint, though.

I decided to try the hose to drive it further away.  It kept trying to get closer, not slither away. Idiotic snake!

I threw rocks at it. Apparently I was too close and just couldn’t hit the stupid thing. It wasn’t backing down, and neither was I. If only the flat shovel had the long handle I’d decapitate the hissing, rattling predator in my backyard. I was wishing I had a shotgun to blow it into oblivion.

While this was going on Amie called the fire department. That is what you do here, for some reason. They don’t want you to kill the snakes, as if there is some kind of shortage of them. This year we’ve seen 2-3 run over in our neighborhood. More than in the first 2 years combined.

The fire department was there fairly quickly. Thankfully they didn’t have more important work to do.They said the rattlesnake business was quite slow this year, until the rains actually came. Now they are busy. I walked them into the back yard and one guy picked it up with one of those things old people use to get stuff off the ground. He put it into a metal box with a glass wall, and they locked it up. Good-bye visitor. Don’t come back!

Tonight I’m just amazed that none of my kids were hurt. Scared, yes. But none were bit. And I’m thankful for God’s mercy and goodness to us today.


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