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It has been a long month or so here in the CavHouse. Here are the highlights in the life of our expanded family.

During her bed time prayer, Micah thanked God for a family.  Does a weary heart good.

We had 2 surgeries since last I posted here. The first was for Micah to repair her umbilical hernia. Thanks to our non-insurance, Christian Healthcare Ministries, we didn’t pay a dime for it. It was a short surgery, but she was quite anxious. She requested that Dad go with her. It made for a very early morning. The staff at the Diamond Children’s Hospital did a great job. Everyone was quite nice and helped make it easier. The recovery room nurse was originally from New England, and raised her kids in Conway, NH. As you can tell we had some time to talk while Micah had her post-op popsicle. We weren’t gone very long and soon she was resting comfortably on the couch. We had to keep reminding her not to pick up Asher and not to hang from the monkey bars, but she did great. She now has an inny belly button.

Six days later Amie had surgery, which was a little more complicated. I had surgery duty again. When she woke up in recovery they asked her the name of her husband. When the nurse came for me, she thought my name was Dan. I didn’t go back there, but just had to bring the car out front. We were home around 11 am. She slept in bed while I went to get medication. Our friend Karen, who spent the night to get the kids up in the morning hung around until lunch so I could get everyone settled in. For the next 2 weeks a number of friends, some church members, provided meals which really helped Amie’s recovery. She made a good recovery, but not as quickly as Micah.

Fortunately, we have a “new” back yard thanks to building a bigger porch and some landscaping. The kids now play back there far more than ever before. This made things easier for Amie when I started going into the office the next week. The kids can play out there with far less supervision. There were no more snake incidents so all was well.

Earlier I noted that Micah seemed to be an auditory learner and was struggling with connecting written letters with sounds. She has made amazing progress as it all clicked. She is now reading simple sentences. Once again my fears did not come to fruition.

Part of me regrets getting the iPad. It is a constant want of the children. The whining and complaining is getting to me. This can’t go on forever, can it?

While this has been a crazy busy time at work with some additional duties and pastoral crises, we have also had some fun. Today was one of those days as we went to the Agua Linda farm near the border for a hay ride, pumpkin patch and time to pet the goats. There were also some tire swings and a time of singing and dancing (sadly I can’t link to the video Jadon made).

On a different note, we’ve been paying attention to developments in the DRC due to the Reuters report. Some of the kids are being given to other parents, with questionable motives, when they get here. Contrary to DRC policy, some homosexual couples have been adopting children as well. The ministry that grants exit letters has stopped processing them. I know Rand Paul has been meeting with adoption advocates and the ambassador of the DRC to try and resolve this issue so kids can get to their new families. A helpful solution would be to identify the agencies that have been involved. Additionally, the DRC should start to require follow up home studies. Our agency requires them up to 2 years. This would help stop such unethical, and immoral, activities. We pray for a quick resolution so those who have good intentions can care for the children who really need new homes and families.

We are still waiting on the letter from IRS, long overdue, informing us of what information is needed. Perhaps that part of the IRS has been deemed “non-essential” by the executive office (they determine these things in a government slim down). The government is obviously still collecting our tax money, but returning money seems to be less of a priority to them. We are bogged down in the system, again.


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