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The recent increase of adoptions among evangelicals has caught the eye of The Nation.  They have an interesting article on the subject.  It is also a frustrating article on the subject.

What catches their eye is evangelicals that break the rules.  The case in Haiti in particular.  That is a particularly difficult case since it was on the heels of a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions.  The issues and details are cloudy, so I’m not tossing her under the bus.  There is corruption in many places and abuses can take place.  That is a human problem, not merely an “evangelical” problem.  Even when someone like Brian Luwis from America World Adoption Agency (we adopted our first adoptive child thru them and I even wore the hat this morning) is interviewed, the focus is on the abberitions.  He, Russell Moore and Dan Cruver of Together for Adoption have many positive things to say.  But most of what is recorded seems intended to cast the movement in a possible light (like the term ‘crusade’).

“… now-commonplace Christian adoption rhetoric…”

I didn’t like that the author called my convictions (beliefs that grip me) rhetoric.  Adoption is one of the main metaphors in Scripture that helps us to understand salvation.  Maybe I’m just missing something but to call it rhetoric is ignorant rhetoric.  It shows the author doesn’t really understand us or the Scriptures.



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In our previous adoption, the home study was done by the agency we were using (AWAA).  In this instance, One World Adoptions does not have an office in Arizona (no, it has nothing to do with SB 1070).  So, a local agency will be doing our home study.

We were not sure what to expect the first time.  We had heard some horror stories.  The social worker who came had adopted internationally before and was very helpful.  She barely looked around the house.  I guess she figured the rest was in similar condition as the common areas (which Amie keeps pretty clean).  It was a new home when I’d bought it, so it wasn’t very old at the time.

We don’t remember having to do much paper work ahead of time.

This go around is different.  We received a packet of over 21 pages needing to be filled out.  It was fairly exhaustive.  At times quite repetitious.   Trying to catch us in lies?  Some of the questions, in light of who we are, were kind of silly.  Some people are devastated by infertility.  We pretty much expected problems and planned on adopting, so we were sad but not devastated.  We didn’t need to “grieve” as my old counseling supervisors would say.  If they read this, they will probably hunt me down and smack me.

At times the questions are uncomfortable (and should be).  We all have baggage (seriously, what makes me angry?), and they need to know what baggage you have that may affect your ability to parent.  Obviously it is difficult for them to get a historical reading.  They have no idea how you’ve changed since you left home.

We didn’t remember filling out a budget either.  We had to verify sufficient income, but were never asked how we spent it beyond mortgage/rent.  We have a loose budget since we both lean toward frugality (not spending money you don’t need to spend, while cheap people don’t spend what they need to spend).  This put some stress on Amie to complete.

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