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Since we are in the process of adopting, again, someone Amie knows decided to give us a book.  The Sea Chest arrived via the mail.  It has since become a favorite of the CavKids.  Maybe because it is longer than most of the other stories.  You know kids, they don’t want to go to bed.  But they love the story too.  It is a story of adoption, both unexpected and planned.

So, if you have kids who have either been adopted or expecting an adopted sibling, this may be a book worth picking up..


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Sorry, I haven’t written mine yet.  And it is probably pointless to try.  Really, how many books on adoption do we need.

But this is one of the better books on the topic (read my review).   Yes, Russell Moore’s Adopted for Life is the free audio book of the month from Christian audio.  See, you don’t even have to feel bad about killing a tree.

Free & no dead tree.  Come on, go for it!

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