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New Holiday Products

Our Just Love Coffee Store has some new products for the holiday season.  The proceeds from your gift giving go toward our adoption expenses.  Have fun shopping!


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We have set up a store with Just Love Coffee.  When you visit our store and buy coffee, we receive a portion of the funds for our adoption.  I don’t drink coffee, but I know many of you are so inclined or addicted, so have at it.  This is one way in which people can help us financially, and get something in return.

All the coffees are free trade coffees, and some are organic.  Feel good about that!  They also sell some other items, like that travel mug to the left and t-shirts.  These are not to be confused with the shirts we’ll be producing and selling (how did this turn into a cottage industry).

So, order yourself some coffee (perhaps African) and enjoy it with a great book (perhaps one on adoption).

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