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I just couldn’t think of anything. Please don’t throw rotten items of food at me.

This is a little bit overdue, but that’s okay since we got some good news today.

We have had our finger prints for AZ and the FBI done to make sure we haven’t committed any crimes since we began this process. Amie’s were rejected for being poor quality. No, no crimes. Just a lousy tech. So we had them redone. It took two trips as the line was moving way too slow the first time and we had to be somewhere.

We have our appointment for our fingerprints with DHS later this month. We had our home study updated to reflect Bill’s departure from the home. He’s on a one year contract in Afghanistan. So, we still haven’t been able to apply for our I-600.

Another delay is due to some paperwork their mother needs to sign. We need this to move forward. I’m not sure what the problem is, but this has to happen (cue to pray!).

We put together a photobook for the kids. We’re sending it over with a family that is getting ready to head over. The kids will be able to see the house, their new family etc. to help give them hope and hopefully get excited.

We continue to prepare the house for their arrival. We put down a deposit on a closet organizing system, or whatever they are called. Not California Closets, but a local guy. We’ve been painting things like there is a shortage coming. Soon we’ll paint the room and move Jadon into it. Then we prep the boys’ room and move Eli in. Thankfully we’ve got time for my body to recover from all this painting. I’m thankful for my docking station with speakers so I can listen to my iPod to ease the pain.

On the bright side, we heard back about the latest grant we applied for. We received the grant, and a significant one. Not as big as the one from Show Hope, but quite helpful. So, we are pretty thankful. It has been exciting to watch the Father provide. Very different from our previous adoption. Just because he did it one way the first time doesn’t mean he use different means this time. If you are embarking on this process, there is nearly no limit to the possible ways that he can use to provide what you need. You need to be responsible, and trust him. Last time we didn’t get any grants. I am amazed that it looks like we won’t incur any debt for this adoption, again. We are amazed!


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The state of Arizona has decided we are actually qualified to adopt another human being, again.  It did not take as long as we thought it would take (take note those who follow in our footsteps, most things take far longer than you anticipate).  So we regained some of the time (only a tad) lost waiting on the state of FL to realize there was no record of any incidents related to either of us.

Curiously, she submitted the home study to the court before we looked at it.  In FL, the state did not certify us to adopt.  So, when we got the home study we found a few minor errors like the “fact” that I grew up in Nassau, NH.

Now on to the I-600A.  Note to the wise: make sure you look at the USCIS website.  Many sites that you Google that have summaries will have outdated information.  For instance, if I had not verified information on the USCIS website we would not have sent enough money to cover the fees.

Speaking of the fee, in our case it will be about $1,000 we don’t currently have in the bank account.  So if you’d pray for that outlay of cash (and/or pray about a donation- see how you can help), we’d very much appreciate it.

This is the first document in which you petition the U.S. government to adopt an orphan from overseas.  The government will see if we meet their qualifications to adopt (again).  Seeing as how Congress has an approval rating under 20% (and plummeting fast), this should not be a big problem.  Then again…

We will also need to be fingerprinted again.  That should be fun.  An appointment here in Tucson could be a much longer wait than it was in FL.  If you live in a region not on the border, rejoice!

So, our paper chase is pretty much done.  Now we have to deal with the governments of the U.S. and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Although the criminal background checks came through some time ago, we have not yet gotten our home study.  This is holding us up since we hope to adopt by the end of 2011.

The social worker sent us a new batch of questions, most of which I swore we answered already.  Waiting, waiting, waiting.

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We got word yesterday, after my post on waiting, that we are no longer waiting for the fingerprints and criminal background check to be done.  That has been completed (faster than usual I suspect).  None of us are criminals (huge sigh of relief).

Now we are only waiting on the home study to be completed.  One issue with that is we still have a final payment to be made.  Waiting on the cash to come in so we can get all of this put together.

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When you are adopting a child, you spend most of your time waiting.  There are flurries of activity, but mostly you are waiting.

At the church I pastor, we are currently in the life of Abraham.  He did alot of waiting.  Many of the calls to worship I am using include the idea of waiting.  I’ve also been drawing on my lifetime of waiting (for a wife, for a child, for a call etc.).  We are currently waiting for the home study to be completed. They are waiting for the fingerprints to be processed.  So, we wait for at least another 3 weeks.  Not too long, but it just seems like nothing is happening.  Just like when God is at work while we wait.  Seems like nothing is happening, but it really is.

Tom Petty once sang, “the waiting is the hardest part”.  You’ll have to wait to hear them actually play the song.  Sorry, but it seems appropriate.

I really like the Kinks’ song, “Tired of Waiting”, though this version from my birth year is “rough”.  But in 60’s pop fashion it is under 3 minutes.

This Sunday we introduced “Everlasting God”.  The verse, adapted from Isaiah 40, declares “strength will come as we wait upon the Lord”.

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I must admit.  I have not kept up with this as well as I should have.  I’m behind on the home study stuff.

I (Steve) had my second home study interview nearly 2 weeks ago.  It was the 1-on-1 interview.  So exciting.  This person does not know me, and can’t really grasp how far I’ve come.  There were plenty of questions about my family and Amie’s family.  My brothers are 5 & 6 years older than I am.  We were never very close.  So, we still aren’t close.  I can be tough to explain why I’m closer to my in-laws than my own siblings.

There were a few instances when she said, “how about some positive descriptions.”  I am not sure I was particularly negative, just realistic.  We had the same issue when I described Eli.  It didn’t help that since we’d gotten back from NY, Eli and I have had a difficult relationship (it has gotten much better since the interview).  So the whole interview was relatively unpleasant on my end.  You’d think I didn’t like anybody.


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The Great Adventure Conference has come and gone.  At one point one of the guys in my seminar asked, “Has the church really dropped the ball on this adoption issue?”.  Judging by the rather meager attendance for the seminar, I’d say “yes.”  It was discouraging for me to see only 3 guys in there, but all 3 we in the process of fostering to adopt.  So that was great.

On the flip side, over 800 people have registered for the Together for Adoption 2010 Conference in Austin, TX.  So, I see positive signs that the church is beginning to get a burden for orphan care, and seeing adoption as a picture of the gospel.

Amie has downloaded the I-600 form to begin the process with DHS.  So, we are now in the process of making our intentions known to the US government and need their permission.  So, that is a prayer request.

Today I (Steve) have my individual interview for the homestudy.  It will end up being a busy day.  So that’s all, folks.

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