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I know how that sounds. It sounds like mom is allowing me to go on a field trip or something. It is important if you want to go on the field trip. No form … no trip.

When it comes to international adoption, no form … no adoption. A child has to be declared abandoned, with a failed effort to identify the parents (ads in the paper, for instance). This is the case for our son. He was abandoned, and no one knew his parents were.

Things are a bit different when a child is dropped off at an orphanage by the parents. Or parent. There is a legitimate concern about human trafficking. Legal authorities want documentation. The USCIS wants “parental authorization” that the parent(s) has revoked their parental rights permanently. The statement has to be clear.

This can happen as part of the court document- the Certificate of Non-Appeal.  In our case, it didn’t. So we needed to wait for the Parental Authorization. This is what we’ve been waiting for far longer than we wanted to wait. Amie has turned into Mama Bear. Some of this is cultural, I’m sure. Our culture is far more time sensitive than other cultures. And the agency reps have had plenty on their plates. You try to be patient, but as my earlier post said- we’re getting restless!

But today we learned that our PA has come in. Amie can put away her bear suit.  This means we are probably 2-3 months away from travel. We hope. Keep praying. But the PA is just awaiting translation. In a few days one copy will go to USCIS and another to us. We are a big step closer, so we better keep painting!


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I’ve been working on a SS series on Revelation lately. Too much.

We’ve been working on getting the house ready, as many of you know.  This weekend we painted the room the girls will be in. Our friend and renter is now on the other side of the world.  The room has been cleared out, the closet organizer will be installed tomorrow. So we painted. The walls here just seem to soak up paint. Crazy, I say.

We bought 2 adapters for the bed frames since the head boards Amie found on Craigs List had the old fashioned slots. So, I put both frames and head boards together and moved Jadon’s bed into the room. We still need a mattress for Micah, but we purchased a Living Social deal to cover that.

We’ll be moving a small chest of drawers we have between the beds to act as a night stand with additional storage. But you can get an idea of how things will look in there. We may start over with wall decorations. Tough question- do we put up baby pictures of Jadon? Would that bother Micah? Eli was much younger when we adopted him so it doesn’t seem to have been an issue for him. And they didn’t share a room. Something for us to think about.

On a slightly different note, Eli had his eval at the Shriners’ Hospital in LA. He will be having another surgery soon. This is one of the things you can’t always anticipate with adopted kids (and biological ones too). We knew he was a “special needs” child and anticipated medical care. We have heard from other adoptive parents whose kids have needed lots of care, especially dental care, upon coming home. The kids were not “special needs”. So we need to be prepared for the possibility of high medical expenses in the next year.

Tomorrow we head in for our fingerprints for DHS. Yes, they can’t just run them again because I might have changed into someone else. That’s me, a shape shifter.


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Just a little paperwork

It has been a busy week or so around here. In anticipation of the impending adoption we are re-arranging the house to make room for them. When you double up in rooms, you have to put clothes and stuff somewhere. So …

We painted the loft and bought some storage shelves from Ikea (it was a painful trip to Ikea, I always get turned around and lost). We also checked out a new dining room table since we need a bigger one. We found a great one, but need to wait to buy it. I then spent the next few days building the storage units (hard on the hands).

But that is not all. We finished our I-600 paperwork. It is currently in the mail to our adoption agency. That not so small stack is courtesy of the Paperwork Reduction Act. I hate to think what it would be like if this Act hadn’t of been passed. The government’s ability to create paperwork knows little to no bounds.

We were not done with paperwork. We discovered another foundation and applied for another grant. Here’s hoping (and praying)!


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