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Back in January of 2008, we undertook what we called Operation Eli (follow the links to read the story).  Amie went to China while I stayed home to care for Jadon.  It was a bit tricky because we learned of their travel plans while we were in NY on vacation.  We cut our vacation short to attend to necessary details prior to departure.  It was impossible to arrive home from NY on Thursday and depart on Friday for China.  “Not gonna do it, wouldn’t be prudent at this juncture.”

Day One was a travel day.  Amie experienced delay upon delay.  Traffic jams, late flights, you name it.  It was a long stressful day.  Tampa to Detroit to Tokyo to Beijing (aka Peking).

Day Two was recovery day.  Not much happened but I’ve got updates on my in-laws journey to help me out, and a fine ale provided by my friend Danny.

Day Three was cold.  Sorry, COLD!  A huge cold front had descended upon China that would remain for her entire trip.  Other families would get stuck in northern provinces.  It was a transportational nightmare.  But this was also sightseeing day.  Amie and Wendy shivered their way through the Forbidden City.  Back home, Jadon really missed her mom.  There are some really cute stories about that.

Day Four was a Sunday so they got to worship in the International Church in Beijing.  You had to leave your passport at the door.  Then it was off to the Great Wall (I need to put a new photo up for that).  She was in town at the same time as Joe Torre and Charles Steinberg, but didn’t see them.  When Mima showed up, I was suddenly unimportant to Jadon.  There’s nothing like the power of a grandmother to sooth a child.  The Patriots won the AFC Championship game to stay perfect on the season (I refuse to think of the Super Bowl at this point!).



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When we adopted Elijah, the agency we used had an office about an hour away from us.  So, the agency did our home study.  There was no confusion about what was needed.

Steve Taylor sang Svengali and adopted a child

In fact, the social worker they used lived in our city.    She had adopted a boy from Viet Nam, and was very helpful for us in understanding international adoption.  One tip she gave us was that the transition will take about as long as the child was in an orphanage.  One man I knew from Presbytery who had previously adopted from China told me, “I wish someone told us that.”

By the way, Florida Presbytery of the ARP (Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church for those who don’t know) was filled with pastors who adopted.  5 other guys came immediately to mind (it is not a huge Presbytery).  Some were domestic adoptions, and some were international adoptions.  The basic consensus was “we didn’t know how we’d afford it, but God provided.”  More on that later.

Another things this social worker tipped us on was acupuncture.  After traveling to Viet Nam, and being very careful all the time, her husband was sick.  For over a year he was lethargic and not himself.  No western doctors knew what was wrong.  Desperate they went to the local acupuncturist they used (whom we then used and found quite helpful).  A specialist happened to be in town.  While in Viet Nam they had been so careful.  But they spent a night in Tokyo.  While in the pool, he picked up a parasite.  Soon he was back to normal.

This time around, the we are using a different agency.  We enjoyed working with the first one, but they didn’t have a program in our country of choice.  The new agency doesn’t have an office way out here.  But the local adoption agency (Christian Family Care Agency) we considered while briefly considering domestic adoption was able to do the home study.  We had met the lady once before, and she was very nice.


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