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I’ve been working on a SS series on Revelation lately. Too much.

We’ve been working on getting the house ready, as many of you know.  This weekend we painted the room the girls will be in. Our friend and renter is now on the other side of the world.  The room has been cleared out, the closet organizer will be installed tomorrow. So we painted. The walls here just seem to soak up paint. Crazy, I say.

We bought 2 adapters for the bed frames since the head boards Amie found on Craigs List had the old fashioned slots. So, I put both frames and head boards together and moved Jadon’s bed into the room. We still need a mattress for Micah, but we purchased a Living Social deal to cover that.

We’ll be moving a small chest of drawers we have between the beds to act as a night stand with additional storage. But you can get an idea of how things will look in there. We may start over with wall decorations. Tough question- do we put up baby pictures of Jadon? Would that bother Micah? Eli was much younger when we adopted him so it doesn’t seem to have been an issue for him. And they didn’t share a room. Something for us to think about.

On a slightly different note, Eli had his eval at the Shriners’ Hospital in LA. He will be having another surgery soon. This is one of the things you can’t always anticipate with adopted kids (and biological ones too). We knew he was a “special needs” child and anticipated medical care. We have heard from other adoptive parents whose kids have needed lots of care, especially dental care, upon coming home. The kids were not “special needs”. So we need to be prepared for the possibility of high medical expenses in the next year.

Tomorrow we head in for our fingerprints for DHS. Yes, they can’t just run them again because I might have changed into someone else. That’s me, a shape shifter.



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Choosing to See: A Journey of Struggle and Hope by Mary Beth Chapman is a very good book (see my full review here) focusing on the tragic death of their adopted daughter Maria and how the family has chosen to see God at work in all of it.  I think is a great book to read if you are considering adoption.  Mary Beth tells the story of their first adoption, and many of the emotions and fears that she experienced through the process.

She didn’t want to adopt.  It wasn’t her plan.  She had her hands full with 3 kids and a husband who was on tour much of the time.  She admits she struggled with depression and perfectionism.  She was not a candidate for adoption, in her mind.  But their daughter Emily was persistent.  Eventually they caved.

But the fears didn’t go away.  She was afraid that she would have difficulty loving this child.  Many adoptive parents have had the same fears.  I know I wondered about it, though probably not as much as she did.  But all that changed the moment she saw their new baby girl.  She tells it all better.

I didn’t travel to China, but stayed home and took care of our daughter while Amie traversed China.  But I remember driving to the airport to pick them up.  What would this little guy be like?  Would he be excited to meet this strange looking man?  Would he just be a screaming mess?

He was basically so exhausted that there was little response at the time.  I was a bit afraid as Amie decided she needed a bathroom break.  I would be alone with this stranger in the stroller.  I thought now he’d break out in tears or screams.  But he didn’t.  He was totally zoned out for his first ever ride in a car seat.  We learned that he used to ride on the driver’s lap.  That would be a big adjustment for him.

Sometimes your child, biological or adopted, drives you crazy.  But you still love them.  I can’t explain how it happens, but you love them.  Mary Beth shares her story about all those fears, and you’ll be encouraged.

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