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Lost at Sea

In the midst of this Amie decided to check into the Honda recall notice for the CRV that had been hanging around the house for an undetermined period of time.

“This is kinda serious.”

It was serious enough that Honda would pay for a rental until such time as the air bag is replaced. Initially that could have been months. Currently they were saying if we begin now, it could be mid-April.

Trying to process this. I’ve been driving a “death trap”. Yeah, slightly melodramatic, but that is sort of how I roll and it makes for good story telling.

The plan was to head up to Phoenix to look at minivans on Thursday. The best day to pick up the rental car was Wednesday due to my work schedule. They processed the recalls between 2-4:30. I needed to visit someone in the hospital, but visiting hours were from 3-4. The schedule is getting tighter. We could drive Gold Faithful up to Phoenix and see what they would offer for a trade in.

We needed to provide them with the odometer reading, and keep the CRV off the road. They didn’t want to store it. So a friend went to the hospital with me, and would drop me off at the Honda dealership at 4:20 for our appointment. I drove the CRV home from the office after working on sermon preparation. Took a photo of my odometer and was ready to go at 2:30 wearing my pants that now had chocolate stains near my crotch. “No one will notice”, she says. Grrrrr, I think.

I’m grateful the Honda guy wasn’t on a tight schedule because we didn’t leave the hospital at 4, later than I wanted to, and ended up in some traffic. They were all waiting for me at the dealership. The paperwork was ready for my John Hancock. Amie even had a bag of popcorn ready for me (see, Toyota, this is how you do it!). Though I had an SUV, they were paying for a “full size” car at the Enterprise down the road.

I wasn’t expecting a long line. That was surprising. Were these all Honda recall people? During our seemingly interminable wait the kids were only slightly obnoxious. Actually Micah was well-behaved. Waiting, waiting, waiting. We had plans for a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese on the other side of town at 6 pm. My stress level is slowly increasing.

“We’re out of full size.”


So we weren’t sure what kind of car we were getting, and how long it would take to get it. So we waited and talked with a woman who was enjoying our kids. She was from a large family, and we talked about Amie’s large family too.

Finally the guy arrived to say our vehicle was ready. It was a mostly loaded black Grand Cherokee with leather seats and a whole lot of other bonus features. Jadon hopped in with me, and Amie was going to follow me to Chuck E. Cheese. I thought we could get there in time, even with the traffic. Except I wasn’t exactly where there was. I quickly texted my friend at a stop light and he sent the address.

I liked the Cherokee. I was surprised. It rides higher than the CRV. It also has good acceleration which surprised me. It was one of those keyless models where the fob needs to be in the car. There were two fobs, joined together by a cable. What is the point of that. It formed this gigantic lump in your pocket. Not comfortable.

As we drew closer to the address I realized where it was. “Duh, I know that.” My mind probably experiencing the price for 2 homilies and a sermon over the weekend.  So we pulled into the parking lot and it was closed. Not for the evening. Closed- shuttered- not open for business and for lease.

This wasn’t good. I pulled into a parking space to talk to Amie, and think. As she was talking to me, she was facing the road. “It’s across the street.” Indeed it was. So we pulled back onto the road and pulled a U turn to arrive at the Chuck E. Cheese. I pulled into a parking spot, and she pulled into the one next to me. Backed in, because that is how her father rolls. And she is her father’s daughter.

In the twilight, the front tires on Gold Faithful didn’t look right. We knew we would have to replace them soon, if we kept her. It felt like the belts might be separating. Suddenly we may not be taking her to Phoenix as planned. “Man plans and God laughs.” Suddenly the possibility of trading her in seemed minuscule. “The best laid plans of mice and men…”

Yeah, shipwrecked is a bit of an overstatement. But this was yet another unplanned detour in our quest for a new minivan. The odyssey for the Hodyssey.

We’re going to Phoenix in the Cherokee.


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One thing that is becoming clear to me is that Ash is nothing like Eli. We adopted Eli at 20 months and Ash at 24 months.

Oh, he’s having a blast!

One of the differences is that Eli was very timid. He was afraid of swings, for instance. He was hesitant when it came to playing at the park.

Ash is not timid, or hesitant . He not only didn’t mind the swing, but wanted me to push him as high as human possible. He doesn’t seem to be afraid of much.

They both have rather infectious smiles.

Eli has been a great big brother lately. He seems to have make enough of a transition. He was feeling displaced (normal), and missing Jadon. But he’s been looking out for Ash the last few days. Particularly at the park as Jadon seemed more focused on herself (we all have our bad days). I made sure I affirmed him. I want to encourage that good stuff.

Ash has started to “chatter”.  Jadon keeps asking Micah “Say ….”. She’s doing great, and has started to use short sentences. Jadon speaks random Lingala terms.  But Ash has joined the game, repeating various words best he can. As you might imagine, it is getting noisier here- in a good way.

But there are still times when it is hard to communicate. Or when things that shouldn’t. Micah was sad today. She can’t tell me why. It might because Jadon was crying that she didn’t have a pretty dress to wear to church. Most had been handed down to Micah. No telling how a 5 year-old interprets that. Perhaps she felt it was her fault. But she’s usually quite happy. Today, she isn’t.  And that makes me sad.

Overall the adjustment has been much easier than we expected. It has been easier than Eli’s transition, which is what set our expectations. As we keep up with other families that have adopted from the DRC in recent months, we see that we are among those who have had a pretty good transition. Some others have had more difficult transitions. It is hard bringing a new child into your home. You have no idea how they were raised so far. You have no idea of their personalities. So, there are a lot of unknowns.

But there is also the joy of new discoveries! The kids watched a movie yesterday. So it was time to make popcorn. Perhaps they have had it, but apparently they haven’t watched it being made in my old fashioned popper. It was exciting for them. I love that.

Amie found this today. Sounds like something I’d put together, lyrically. But I don’t have the technological chops to do this. But, then again, this is not just a bored set of parents. Enjoy!

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