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I just couldn’t think of anything. Please don’t throw rotten items of food at me.

This is a little bit overdue, but that’s okay since we got some good news today.

We have had our finger prints for AZ and the FBI done to make sure we haven’t committed any crimes since we began this process. Amie’s were rejected for being poor quality. No, no crimes. Just a lousy tech. So we had them redone. It took two trips as the line was moving way too slow the first time and we had to be somewhere.

We have our appointment for our fingerprints with DHS later this month. We had our home study updated to reflect Bill’s departure from the home. He’s on a one year contract in Afghanistan. So, we still haven’t been able to apply for our I-600.

Another delay is due to some paperwork their mother needs to sign. We need this to move forward. I’m not sure what the problem is, but this has to happen (cue to pray!).

We put together a photobook for the kids. We’re sending it over with a family that is getting ready to head over. The kids will be able to see the house, their new family etc. to help give them hope and hopefully get excited.

We continue to prepare the house for their arrival. We put down a deposit on a closet organizing system, or whatever they are called. Not California Closets, but a local guy. We’ve been painting things like there is a shortage coming. Soon we’ll paint the room and move Jadon into it. Then we prep the boys’ room and move Eli in. Thankfully we’ve got time for my body to recover from all this painting. I’m thankful for my docking station with speakers so I can listen to my iPod to ease the pain.

On the bright side, we heard back about the latest grant we applied for. We received the grant, and a significant one. Not as big as the one from Show Hope, but quite helpful. So, we are pretty thankful. It has been exciting to watch the Father provide. Very different from our previous adoption. Just because he did it one way the first time doesn’t mean he use different means this time. If you are embarking on this process, there is nearly no limit to the possible ways that he can use to provide what you need. You need to be responsible, and trust him. Last time we didn’t get any grants. I am amazed that it looks like we won’t incur any debt for this adoption, again. We are amazed!


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The time for the long-anticipated decision has come.  We, through our agents, contacted both TLC and Discovery about a show to “unveil” the decision with proceeds to go toward the program fees for the adoption.  We had some great ideas to fill a 30 minute show, building tension and anticipation.  We showed them power point presentations and how great we all were at acting.

But… they turned us down.  So all we have is this blog post to announce to the zillions of people following our journey toward adopting again.  Do you want me to go on like this for about 30 minutes so you can pretend it is on cable tv?  I thought so.

Watching out for her little brother

We have decided to adopt the children currently know as Marina and Mervie.  Marina is a 4 year-old girl, and Mervie is her 1 year-old (half?) brother.  I’m still trying to figure out how the names work there.  Her legal name is Micheline, but somehow that has morphed into Marina.

We are not sure which of their names we’ll keep, or what we will name them.  The naming efforts, after a hiatus, have resumed.  And we are making about as much headway as Republicans and Democrats these days.

Amie has mentioned the possibility of having a fund raiser to choose who goes to the DRC to pick up our new children.  Something like each vote is $5.  Perhaps it would provide 10% of the airfare necessary to travel there and back.  Then again…

Jadon is quite excited to have another brother and another sister.  She really wants a sister, somehow thinking that a sister will be more compliant than a brother to her wishes.  She’s old enough for the 2 of them to share a room.

Marina’s had a hard life, I’m sure.  So pray for her and her adjustment.  They have lived with their mother and grandmother.  It sounds like there has been no stability as far as men have been concerned.  But things reached the point that she is unable to care for her children properly. We are excited about what God can begin to do in them through His people.

The process isn’t done.  Now we wait again.  As noted above, one of us will travel around the new year to take care of the legal stuff on that end and bring the children home.  Like any pregnant couple, we have time to prepare rooms, have the bunk beds we bought off Craig’s List refinished etc.

On the other end, they should have enough food, love and care.  She will receive some lessons in elementary English to help ease her transition.  We’ll send a picture so she can learn who we are.  Pray for the stability of the region so everything happens in a timely fashion- no small order these days.

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"I'm so confuuused!"

In recent weeks Amie has joined some adoption groups on-line.  We entered into the utter ambiguity of the internet.

She came across a few people who were very critical of the agency we are using for our adoption, particularly with their work in the DRC.  But when you Google the person’s name, you discover they now have their own orphan care ministry.  So, is this ministry a response to what she witnessed, or is she just running down the competition?  See the ambiguity?  Enter the confusion.

We wanted more information.  I did not want us to make a knee-jerk reaction (Jesus, we need you!).  Changing agencies meant we only had one option, the one we decided not to go with.  The other agency was used by someone Amie knows, and she was happy with it.  But it was more expensive than the one we are using.  And it was run by lawyers (sorry my lawyer friends).  We preferred to work with Christians so our values would be honored in the process.  One of the main contacts for the African program appeared to be a professing Christian.  To jump ship would be costly in terms of time and money.  We had to make sure jumping was necessary before jumping.

I am reminded of the sleepless night when Amie was pregnant.  She had an ultrasound in Winter Haven, and they determined that Jadon was way too small.  We needed to see a specialist (the next day!!), and we were scared.  We’d waited so long (not as long as Abraham and Sarah), and to think that something was seriously wrong had us on our knees in desperation.  Turned out that a more advanced ultrasound revealed that she was not dangerously small.  But the specialist remained involved to make sure nothing changed for the worse.  Jadon was barely over 5 lbs when born, but you wouldn’t know it now.

Like that day, we realized we needed more information.  We communicated with the agency, letting them know what happened.  You could tell this didn’t take them by surprise.  It was a thorn in their side- you could sense their frustration.  We were told a lawsuit was pending.  The answers to many of our questions would be answered shortly.  Okay.


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