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Great News

No, we didn’t hear back from the DRC on our referral request. The agency thinks the speed at which referrals are processed should be speeding up soon. That is certainly our prayer. Though we were disappointed that things are moving slower than anticipated, there was no crying or tailspins.

We have been waiting for news back on our numerous grant and loan applications. One of the more important grants we applied for indicated notification on or before my birthday. We hoped for a great birthday present. The deadline came and went last week. We figured it was a ‘no’.

Today we were notified that our grant request was granted. I’m subdued, and Amie is ecstatic.  The grant money will be sent to our adoption agency 3-4 months before we travel to complete the adoption. I’m not sure how all of this will work since the travel expenses won’t be paid through the agency (this is the last major expense). But I’m sure it will all pan out okay.

This is a huge positive for us. We’ve been feeling the burden (which is to be expected, honestly) but with things taking longer than expected our fees will increase, and there will be more time for us to “worry about tomorrow” when we should be focusing on today. This adoption process has been significantly different than our previous one. And this grant is another one of those differences. We were turned down back in 2007. The funding process for this adoption has been completely different, but the money has been there when we needed it. And for this, we are grateful!


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All around the world, traffic jams stink!

There is a section of highway near Tampa called Malfunction Junction.  It is the junction of I-4 West and I-275.  The 3 lanes of I-4 bottleneck into one lane as the road ends and seeks to merge onto I-275. This is complicated by the fact that there is an off ramp about 1/4-1/2 mile after the merger.  So you have people trying to get on and off the highway in the same short section of road.

The traffic backs up for miles during rush hour. Inevitably some car malfunctions due to the long wait. Or some driver loses his cool and there is an accident at a key point. An already bad situation becomes far worse.

This intersection is a BIG reason why many people east of Tampa don’t go to Tampa Bay Rays’ games in St. Pete. To avoid this intersection you must either go way out of your way north or south, or venture onto the city streets. Travel time to the Trop is unpredictable and maddening.  This is why I’ve advocated moving the team to the east of this intersection. They’d get far more fans from the Orlando area. But they went for the quick fix.  But this is about adoption, not baseball.

Our wait for the DRC court to approve our request for referral has exceeded earlier estimate. We are stuck in gridlock. The word from the agency is that there is a new judge handling all the adoption requests.  This judge is the only judge handling them, and this is not all the judge handles. So the judge is on the learning curve. The volume of requests has increased dramatically. Our agency sent 30 requests with us.


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Well, we are in the midst of a big decision.  We have the option of adopting 2 sisters, ages 6 & 3.  The older girl is a little beyond our expressed age range.  But you just never know.

We have a few days to sort this out.  One of the concerns for us is the need for an adoption loan.  We did not secure one before leaving for vacation.  The program fee is due at referral.  So, with our financials on the other side of the country there is not much we can do for more than a week.  This reality may have to be factored into our decision.  The fact that the IRS is moving slower than a glacier doesn’t help.

This will not affect our position in the queue should we decide not to adopt these 2 girls.  So we pretty much need wisdom.

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Bad blogger!  Yeah, that’s me who has woefully neglected this blog.

Our dossier has been sent into OWAS.  We are “in line” so to speak, awaiting a referral.  Our dossier itself has not been translated yet since they got some referrals.  They receive the priority from the translator.

We got some great news from the accountant the other night.  Seems that our Congress was a little busy before 2010 ended.  No, they weren’t approving a budget, that would’ve made far too much sense and may have been hindered for political reasons.  Yes, I’m cynical about what happens in that former swamp.  But apparently, the adoption tax credit was turned into a tax refund retroactively for the last 5 years.  So, we’ll get the balance of our credit from the previous adoption (if all goes well) which will assist in the present adoption.  Sometimes God provides in strange ways. So, if you adopted in the last 5 years you may want to double check this you accountant.

I’m not a big Third Day fan, not really a fan at all, but here’s their new song, Children of God, which addresses adoption.  This will help you pass the time until our next update.

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