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Steve Taylor’s first EP had a silly rap song (with a serious topic) with that title.  It was about facing the moment of death, when you discover you were wrong about Jesus.  I’m using it for the moment of decision.  That day has arrived.  Our number in the queue has come up.  Unlike the deli, where you have plenty of time to figure out what you want, we are caught in a quandary.  It is one we did not expect, and did not want.

Before I get there, Steve and his wife are among the number of musicians who are Christians living in Nashville that have adopted.  The most prominent, of course, is Steven Curtis Chapman.  But artists like Geoff Moore and Arlin Troyer (now a PCA pastor) are included in the mix.  Christ Community Church in Nashville, whose preaching pastor is Scotty Smith, is one of the churches in the PCA that has cultivated a culture of adoption.  Great stuff!

Looking back at our first adoption, we did not want to be in a position where we were deciding between kids.  We wanted God to use means to say “this is it”.  I guess I’m fooling myself abit.  We did decide between kids since we did a special needs adoption.  We chose Eli, he was not picked for us.  You get a horrible feeling, or at least I do, holding the fate of others in my hands.  If it doesn’t scare you, I suspect it should.

So here we are, and the ante has been upped.  We were asked about a sibling group recently.  And then our number came up and we were also asked offered a particular child for referral.  Now we have to sort this out.  We have to decide who will and will not be in our family.  It doesn’t just affect them, but our family and other families.  Call me crazy, but I’m really intimidated.

In some ways this day came too slow, but thanks to the IRS dragging their feet on the 2010 Adoption Refund it has come far too fast.  But we’ve been able to borrow some money from family.  We had an interesting time looking for adoption loans yesterday.  You can get a car loan easier, and at a lower rate.  In many ways, it was disappointing.  But we are borrowing against our tax refund.  So now we have been given a power no one should enjoy.  Pray for us… and we’ll let you know in a few days what happens.


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