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We are reveling in the cooler temps of the Adirondack Mountains.  It is more humid than life in the desert, and there is no A/C up here, but we are soaking up the joy.

The adoption agency is giving referrals as the documents are translated.  We are currently 3rd in line, keeping in mind the preferences laid out in the homestudy and given to the U.S. Government.  Though, we all the fighting going on in the nation’s capitol, we might be able to sneak in 6 kids.  Not that we could afford to do that.  I wonder how we’ll afford the child or 2 we expect to adopt.  Our tax refund is caught up in tons of red tape.  So we’ll have to look into adoption loans.  Not the end of the universe.

One thing that has happened is that we found a sale on Southwestern air fare for a trip around Christmas.  I’m thinking this greatly increases the odds that one of us travels to the DRC right around Christmas.

This morning I was poking around the website for our denomination’s magazine.  I’m not sure if I’ve read this article before, but living in central Florida I had heard of the culture of adoption developed by Ray Cortese and Seven Rivers Presbyterian Church in Lecanto.  Here is the story if you are interested.


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Bad blogger!  Yeah, that’s me who has woefully neglected this blog.

Our dossier has been sent into OWAS.  We are “in line” so to speak, awaiting a referral.  Our dossier itself has not been translated yet since they got some referrals.  They receive the priority from the translator.

We got some great news from the accountant the other night.  Seems that our Congress was a little busy before 2010 ended.  No, they weren’t approving a budget, that would’ve made far too much sense and may have been hindered for political reasons.  Yes, I’m cynical about what happens in that former swamp.  But apparently, the adoption tax credit was turned into a tax refund retroactively for the last 5 years.  So, we’ll get the balance of our credit from the previous adoption (if all goes well) which will assist in the present adoption.  Sometimes God provides in strange ways. So, if you adopted in the last 5 years you may want to double check this you accountant.

I’m not a big Third Day fan, not really a fan at all, but here’s their new song, Children of God, which addresses adoption.  This will help you pass the time until our next update.

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DHS got back to us fairly quickly with appointments to get our fingerprints done.  They are in relatively early February, but we’ve heard that in some places you can show up days or even weeks earlier.  This could potentially speed up our process.  Why is that important?  If we adopt in 2011, we will get a tax refund, not a tax credit.  That is a big bunch of cash we can use to save for Eli’s surgery (since he isn’t currently insured) or replenish our savings after using the last few IRS checks for Eli’s adoption and then to stay afloat financially during the transition.  It is a practical concern as we think about the long range plan.

Rumor has it that there has been an outcry against the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s change of policy regarding baby curriers.  There are internet rumors that they will revert to the older policy allowing you to hire someone to transport the child to the States.  Since we already have 2 kids, it puts a strain on the family for a parent to be gone for a few weeks.  It makes it harder for the kids to adjust when Mom (or Dad) gets back.  Not an impossible thing, and many families have done it.  But something else for us to think about and plan for.

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