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The recent increase of adoptions among evangelicals has caught the eye of The Nation.  They have an interesting article on the subject.  It is also a frustrating article on the subject.

What catches their eye is evangelicals that break the rules.  The case in Haiti in particular.  That is a particularly difficult case since it was on the heels of a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions.  The issues and details are cloudy, so I’m not tossing her under the bus.  There is corruption in many places and abuses can take place.  That is a human problem, not merely an “evangelical” problem.  Even when someone like Brian Luwis from America World Adoption Agency (we adopted our first adoptive child thru them and I even wore the hat this morning) is interviewed, the focus is on the abberitions.  He, Russell Moore and Dan Cruver of Together for Adoption have many positive things to say.  But most of what is recorded seems intended to cast the movement in a possible light (like the term ‘crusade’).

“… now-commonplace Christian adoption rhetoric…”

I didn’t like that the author called my convictions (beliefs that grip me) rhetoric.  Adoption is one of the main metaphors in Scripture that helps us to understand salvation.  Maybe I’m just missing something but to call it rhetoric is ignorant rhetoric.  It shows the author doesn’t really understand us or the Scriptures.



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The Great Adventure Conference has come and gone.  At one point one of the guys in my seminar asked, “Has the church really dropped the ball on this adoption issue?”.  Judging by the rather meager attendance for the seminar, I’d say “yes.”  It was discouraging for me to see only 3 guys in there, but all 3 we in the process of fostering to adopt.  So that was great.

On the flip side, over 800 people have registered for the Together for Adoption 2010 Conference in Austin, TX.  So, I see positive signs that the church is beginning to get a burden for orphan care, and seeing adoption as a picture of the gospel.

Amie has downloaded the I-600 form to begin the process with DHS.  So, we are now in the process of making our intentions known to the US government and need their permission.  So, that is a prayer request.

Today I (Steve) have my individual interview for the homestudy.  It will end up being a busy day.  So that’s all, folks.

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