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The state of Arizona has decided we are actually qualified to adopt another human being, again.  It did not take as long as we thought it would take (take note those who follow in our footsteps, most things take far longer than you anticipate).  So we regained some of the time (only a tad) lost waiting on the state of FL to realize there was no record of any incidents related to either of us.

Curiously, she submitted the home study to the court before we looked at it.  In FL, the state did not certify us to adopt.  So, when we got the home study we found a few minor errors like the “fact” that I grew up in Nassau, NH.

Now on to the I-600A.  Note to the wise: make sure you look at the USCIS website.  Many sites that you Google that have summaries will have outdated information.  For instance, if I had not verified information on the USCIS website we would not have sent enough money to cover the fees.

Speaking of the fee, in our case it will be about $1,000 we don’t currently have in the bank account.  So if you’d pray for that outlay of cash (and/or pray about a donation- see how you can help), we’d very much appreciate it.

This is the first document in which you petition the U.S. government to adopt an orphan from overseas.  The government will see if we meet their qualifications to adopt (again).  Seeing as how Congress has an approval rating under 20% (and plummeting fast), this should not be a big problem.  Then again…

We will also need to be fingerprinted again.  That should be fun.  An appointment here in Tucson could be a much longer wait than it was in FL.  If you live in a region not on the border, rejoice!

So, our paper chase is pretty much done.  Now we have to deal with the governments of the U.S. and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


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Sorry we haven’t been providing a steady stream of information.  Life has been a bit busy.  But here is where we are:

  • After waiting for the Florida DFC to get their act together, our homestudy is complete.
  • The homestudy has been approved by the agency.
  • The homestudy has been submitted to the AZ courts so we can be certified to adopt.  I guess we might need some prayer there!
  • The estimate is another 2 weeks until the judge certifies us to adopt.
  • The Session of the church has established an Adoption Fund to be administrated by the deacons.  Our desire is that this fund will be around for quite some time and help a number of families wanting to adopt.  In other words, it isn’t just about the Cavs.

If you want to make a donation, you can send a check to the church with Adoption Fund in the memo line.

Desert Springs Presbyterian Church

1555 W. Overton Road

Tucson, AZ 85704

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Finally went to see Despicable Me today.  No, it was not available in 3-D at the 2nd run (down) theater I gave my $1.50 to.  I had forgotten that the movie included adoption as a plot line.

Tormenting a child

Gru, voiced by a heavily accented  Steve Carell, is a criminal whose reach exceeds his grasp.  He wants to be the worst, most famous criminal.  He lives with memories of his mother (voiced by Julie Andrews) treating him like a total loser his whole life.  He wants to be somebody, even if it is a criminal.

The movie starts with the newest, latest theft which has shocked the world.  A pyramid has been stolen from Egypt.  Kind of hard to stick that in your back pocket or down your shirt.  Doesn’t really fit on a plane or boat home.  But Gru didn’t do it, and it is eating at him.

He decides to fulfill his life-long dream to fly to the moon- to shrink it and steal it.  That would be the most famous theft- ever!  Only his new nemesis, Vector (“Victor is my geek name”) has the same goal, and always seems to get the best of him.


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