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This Christmas season has been busy. But we thought it would be busier.

Since Amie and the kids jetted off to NY before me, we’ve already had our gift opening time. I love it when a gift is a “winner” and my child’s face lights up with utter delight. It is a beautiful thing. And I have to keep that in mind when one of their faces is scrunched in a pout or whine.

There has been cleaning and sealing grout since the builder didn’t seal it. One of my knees is bruised in this act of love toward my wife. The rest will have to wait until after Christimas. I’ve even started the process of re-financing our home. Lower rate and shorter length means we’ll save $$$$ long term. But that is stress.

What we had hoped to be doing now is planning a trip to the DRC to pick up “our” 2 kids. We hope they will be joining our family. We are not sure because the judicial process is moving slower than a slug on ice (can they move on ice?).

3 He heals the brokenhearted  and binds up their wounds. Psalm 147

We did get an updated picture of them. Sorry, we’ve decided to wait until the referral is approved to put up pictures. But they look quite healthy. Micah’s hair is growing back in nicely. Her disposition seems much better- our prayers are apparently being answered. Asher just seems like a big kid, and fairly laid back. The reality may be very different. But we are quite grateful that our hopeful kids are being well cared for in the orphanage.

This is particularly in light of unfounded accusations we heard about our agency. I’m thankful we didn’t have a knee-jerk reaction. So there is a word of caution for folks surfing the net. You hear lots of things out there. Take the time to slow down and ask questions. Our agency was very willing to address all of our concerns. The allegations made them aware they needed to do a better job communicating and developing an more accurate web presence.

We have heard about problems in other countries that may not have orphanages run by the agency. We don’t know if these stories are true. But, please, ask questions about who and how your prospective child will be cared for during the wait. That wait may be longer than you expect. The pictures, over time, show us kids who are doing well, and are well-cared for. We are grateful for the orphanage workers. They can make all the difference.

Next year? We anticipate having 2 more delight-filled faces when we open gifts. We anticipate having 2 more kids wanting to know about Jesus.


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Choosing Names

No, we’ve already done that. I think we’ve settle in though our daughter wants a different name for her soon-to-be brother. Besides, there is nothing else going on while we wait for the judge in the Congo to rule on our petition.

So here is what John Calvin says about naming kids in his commentary on the birth of John the Baptizer.

“Though we must not imagine that there is any sacredness in names, yet no judicious person will deny that, in this matter, believers ought to make a godly and profitable selection. They ought to give their children such names as may serve to instruct and admonish them, and consequently to take the names of holy father- for the purpose of exciting their children to imitate them- rather than adopt those of ungodly persons.”

This is pretty much we have done, though my suggestion of John Calvin Cavallaro was summarily shot down.¬† Jadon was chosen because this was one of the people mentioned as rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem in Nehemiah. I wanted her to build and defend God’s kingdom.¬† Elijah was chosen because I wanted YHWH to be his God too.

In terms of the new kids currently waiting in Africa for the legal progress to make its way to completion (hopefully faster than Congress can pass a budget), Micah was chosen primarily for the message of that prophet: to love mercy, act justly and walk humbly with your God.¬† We picked Asher because we want him to find happiness in Christ. Oddly they were the 81st and 82nd most popular names recently. Who’d a thunk that? Not me!

You don’t sin if you pick a “cool sounding” name. But it is cool when the name means something that you can share with the child to direct and guide them over time.

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