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It has been nearly two years. Deepest apologies. In all the hub-bub of life we lost the password. Recently we overcame inertia and reset the password. By recently I mean months ago. There was more inertia to overcome to write a post. I hope to do better.

In some ways it was a blessing. The lost password.

Two big news stories happened during that period that affected adoptions, particularly from the DRC.

  1. The DRC stopped issuing exit letters in September 2013. We know a number of people, personally and thru the internet that were affected. Their adoption plans were put on hold for 2 years while bureaucrats figured things out. We definitely grew to appreciate even more the timing of our adoption.
  2. The investigation into a few corrupt adoption agencies. While the one we used was not involved in the investigation, we learned there were problems, accusations and it closed due to bankruptcy. We are thankful that they connected us with our two children. But we know of serious allegations. Picking an agency is one of the most important things, and it is really hard. Not every adoption provider holds the same ethical standards you do- and likely won’t let you know.

I’m glad we were in “radio silence” mode. It was a frustrating time, and we could have made a number of statements out of that frustration.

We have rejoiced in the adoptions of 3 children by close friends of ours in the last 2 years. One couple adopted 2 boys from Uganda, and another a child in their own state.  One of the couples in our church is in the process of adopting an extended family member. We are thankful that God is placing these kids in families where they will receive love and care.

Another set of friends was planning on adopting as they struggled with infertility. We are grateful they will be delaying that process because she is now pregnant. We also rejoice with another of our friends who adopted, thinking they wouldn’t be able to have kids, who are now about to have a child.

Last year I worked on a chapter in a book about struggling with infertility. I’ll put up a notice here when it is released in the near future. Many of the other contributors hadn’t had children when they started the project. When I talked with our editor in June, it sounded like all of them were about to have children.

In a world that has been so full of bad news in recent months, we rejoice in these lesser known good things.

Our kids? You’ll have to wait a few days on that.


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